On this page we have added some save files and 3D models for you to experiment with in the game. Choose the files you like and download them now, like immediately.

Save Files

Download save files so that you can check out some creations we've already made for you to play around with.

How to add save files?

Step 1: Go to the following folder path: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\SC\ShortCircuitVR
Step 2: Paste the save file and rename it to [slot + number between 1 and 10 + .dat]
Step 3: Run the game and load the save slot with the same number
Step 4: Have fun!

an electronic project with a led grid and protoboards

LED grid on protoboard

LED, slide switch, protoboard Download
an electronic project with rgb leds and photoresistor

RGB LEDs with photoresistor

LED, photoresistor Download
all electronic components available in Short Circuit VR

All components

7 segment display, LED, ... Download
3D model of a windmill with electronic components


DC motor, potentiometer Download
3D model of grand piano with electronic components

Grand Piano

buzzer, pushbutton Download
LEDs with slide switches in series

LEDs with slide switches in series

LED, slide switch Download
LEDs with slide switches in parallel

LEDs with slide switches in parallel

LED, slide switch Download

3D Models

Add some 3D models to make your projects a lot more fun!

How to add 3D models?

Step 1: Browse to the folder containing your SCVR.exe file
Step 2: If there's no SCModel folder here yet, create it
Step 3: Place your models(.obj only) and textures in this folder
Step 4: Run the game and add your models in game!