What is Short Circuit VR?

Short Circuit VR is an electronics lab simulator in Virtual Reality.
You can build your own electronic circuits with the components provided, learn basic electronics by completing challenges and just have fun while experimenting and making awesome projects!

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Game Features

A highlight of some helpful features in SCVR

  • Complete Challenges

    Learn basic electronics by building the circuits on your own. JUST DO IT!

  • Get Information and Feedback

    An info pop-up will be shown and a warning sign when there's something wrong with the circuit.

  • Import Own 3D Models

    Customize your projects with your own cool 3D models!

  • Save Your Progress

    Save your projects so you can work further on it after that pesky power outage...

Why is it free?

Electronics can look quite intimidating to begin with but once you know the basics, you can start creating really fun projects and eventually build so many creative things.
We hope that people can take their first steps into electronics by playing this game and hopefully get more interested in electronics and start learning more about it.

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Game Reviews

What is this again? Electronics what??

Chong Yook Len Cindy's Mom

Eeuh.. Nice. I like the colors.

Dominic Ho Cindy's Brother

I still don't understand what this project is about. You have to use the glasses thing?

Chong Yook Len Cindy's Mom

How can you help us?

We are currently planning on making a desktop version first so that it will be a lot more accessible for anyone who'd like to learn basic electronics.
That's why we are currently looking for people to interview and get to know how they teach/learn electronics and if there are certain problems they experience while doing that.

These are ideally electronics teachers, students or hobbyists (beginner/expert), but if you do something else and you're also interested in our project than we'd still like to talk to you!

You can contact us by signing up with the Google Forms you can find on the right or
send a message to contact@shortcircuitvr.com

Contact Us

If you have any questions or just want to share something awesome with us, you can send it to the email address below :)

email: contact@shortcircuitvr.com